SICA is Students Information & Computing Association the MUBS ICT Association that officially came into existence in Makerere University Business School on 7th September 2018 with a launch with various administrators from MUBS.

Our Mission

“To impact high quality and Advanced Technical Education and make a positive difference in students to become leaders in the I.T industry”.


“To Enhance Business with Technology, create the Best Personal Computing Experience to Students ,and to breed creative Professionals through Innovative Business I.T. Strategies.”


Empower Innovate & Motivate.

ICT Weeks

ICT Weeks are Bi-annually organised to Enable students learn more ICT skills & Get Knowledge outside the Lecture rooms.

Innovation Challenges

This is the Core Activity of SICA MUBS. From the SICA MUBS MOTTO "Empower, Motivate & Innovate".

Per faculty training

Hands on trainings to help you stand out in this world of technology , help students get practical knowledge outside their lecture rooms.

Technical Team

Don't go to town let the team solve it for you. From hardware to software we got you covered....

ICT discussions

Are Always organised on Communicated weekends. During the Clinics, Discussions are held about ICT Topics and Hands on Trainings are done on some Particular Topics of ICT

E-Notice board

Always be updated on what is happening at Campus, community and in the world. We give you information as it is...

joy fic

Learn with us

As SICA MUBS, we groom & Mentor Students’ Skills and eventually Students Innovate. In this activity, we emphasize knowledge Application where we mentor students on how to apply the knowledge they study in Lecture rooms to real-world Innovation.

Self certification

Watch our training videos on our youtube channel (SICA MUBS)and from our website. On completion you will be able to sit a 15 question exam which will make you certify for a certificate. don’t be left behind learn from home using any device of your choice. SICA learning Made Simple.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote the academic welfare of the members through harmonizing theoretical computing principles with practical computing concepts.  
  2. To assist in the utilization, enhancement and promotion of Information and Computer Technology within MUBS and Uganda at large to play as the major body in Facilitating the use of ICT in Business organizations.

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